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 . . Foundation for the Arts and Education (FATE) International Visual Arts Network (IVAN) Math, Art, and Technology Network (MATN) Research in Arts, Technology, and Mathematics (RiATom) Society for Arts Education and Technology (SAET) Teachers National Association of State Teachers of the Arts (NASTA) National Center for Education Statistics See also Arts in education Cognitive psychology Cognitive science Cognitive science of music Contemporary Art Cyberarts Folklore Guidance and behavioral counseling Human–computer interaction Lateral thinking Learning theory List of cognitive biases Music psychology Occupational therapy Performing arts Social psychology Teacher effectiveness Vision impairment Visual impairment References External links Arts in Education in America – National Center for Education Statistics Category:Education in the United States Category:Art education Category:Cognitive science of music Category:Music education Category:Visual arts education Category:Learning methods Category:Learning theory (education) Category:Art educationA new study shows that global warming is having an effect on the wild world. Some species are adapting, like whales and sea turtles, but others are struggling, like the Pacific North American skate, according to findings published this week in the journal Current Biology. By looking at the genetic changes over the past 30 years in populations of the coastal snake eel (Mormyrops langii) and the thresher shark (Alopias superciliosus), scientists found that these species are experiencing the effects of climate change before they begin to adapt to warmer water temperatures and longer periods of time in the Arctic. AD In addition to new studies of how species are faring in the world’s oceans, a new report from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) shows that climate change is affecting areas of land as well, as temperatures rise and rainfall patterns change. “If the species have experienced population decline over the last decade, or if they’re reproducing at lower rates, then we expect them to have genetically lower rates of change,” said study lead author Eric Post, a professor of evolutionary biology at Ohio State University, in a statement. “Even if populations have not declined, it’s still possible that the rate



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